Stone Therapy Massage

Stone therapy massage combines the use of hot and cold stones with traditional Swedish massage techniques to bring about deep relaxation and homeostasis on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Stone therapy massage or Geothermotherapy is really an extension of manual massage. This modern day treatment draws upon the ancient healing arts and traditions to deliver a deep massage. The stones are also placed in strategic positions on top and beneath the body, to create a therapeutic and holistic effect. This will benefit both the area concerned and the person in general. In addition to the stones, crystals may also be incorporated to the treatment as they have a balancing effect upon the client, helping to achieve total homeostasis.

One stroke with a hot basalt stone is thought to be the equivalent to ten manual massage strokes, so results are achieved more quickly and efficiently. The stones allow for deeper penetration of pressure and work upon an area. Heat from the stones permeates the body causing vasodilatation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and speeding up the removal of carbon dioxide and waste. Lactic acid elimination is also increased, benefiting tired aching muscles. The stones themselves also absorb negative energies and also work on the chakras of the client. With stone therapy cold stones can also be used for certain conditions.

Warning: A medical professional should always be consulted for any medical physiological and/or psychological conditions. Complementary therapies are not a substitute for, but work in conjunction with conventional medicines and the medical profession / care teams. Referral from a G.P. or healthcare team may be required in some cases.

Cost of treatments:

90 Minute Session - The Real Full Body (includes Neck, Back, Shoulders, Legs, Feet, Arms, Hands, Abdomen, Décolletage, Face & Scalp). – €75

60 Minute Session - (Areas can be selected and agreed prior to treatment) - €60

30 Minute Session - (Areas can be selected and agreed prior to treatment) – €45

Stone Therapy Stone Therapy