Introduction to Indian Head Workshop

“I really enjoyed this course and it’s helped me make up my mind about adding this as a therapy to my portfolio” - Una

Indian Head massage is a head, hair & upper back massage traditionally practiced by women in India for thousands of years. Indian Head Massage is a safe, simple yet effective therapy that not only promotes hair growth, but also provides relief from aches and pains. It is a treatment that is guaranteed to lift you out of the stresses of daily life and provide you with a real cure for those aching tense neck and shoulder muscles, at the same time creating a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. In this workshop, you will get to learn all the basics and safety of IHM so you can enjoy practicing this ancient art at home for yourself. This is an introduction course and does not give a qualification to practice at therapist level without the relevant qualifications. This is to introduce you to the therapy to see if this is something you want to continue at next level or for those that are not therapists to use for personal use.

Christina offers training days and workshops not only for therapists but also for anyone interested in the area of complementary therapies, healing and natural well-being. Workshops are attended by individuals but are also be organised separately for private OR corporate groups.

“I love what I do and delight in helping people to discover and follow their passion and help mentor them on their journey. I am delighted to assist with any questions you may have or discuss your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact me today” – Christina

Indian Head Massage