Ascended Masters Workshop

In the teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings, who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called “initiations”. There are many Ascended Masters, some recent, others ancient, with different lessons to teach us. Some you will be drawn to and others you may never ever connect with. They come from every religion and culture, and they’re nondenominational. Regardless of who they were in their countless past lives, they are returning now to help us in our own ascension process – for this is the time for many to ascend. In this series of workshops, you will connect with, learn about and channel the energy and wisdom of the Ascended Masters. You will learn about these amazing teachers and healers through education, meditation, history and oracle cards. These are powerful days to get guidance and connect with the 44 Masters.

Ascended Masters Workshop Part 1: Masters 1-9

Ascended Masters Workshop Part 2: Masters 10-20

Ascended Masters Workshop Part 3: Masters 21-29

Ascended Masters Workshop Part 4: Masters 30-37

Ascended Masters Workshop Part 5: Masters 38-44

“I really loved this series of workshops and didn’t know what to expect as I was new to the Masters but now I find I connect with them and use them in my own practice” - Deborah

Christina offers training days and workshops not only for therapists but also for anyone interested in the area of complementary therapies, healing and natural well-being. Workshops are attended by individuals but are also be organised separately for private OR corporate groups.

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Ascended Masters Workshop