Corporate Days Out

We all know a healthy workforce is a more focused, efficient, happy & loyal workforce and more and more companies are organising a corporate day with a difference.

The cost to the economy resulting from death and disability as a result of illness such as heart disease and stroke is in excess of 8 billion a year! This exerts a tremendous burden on the workplace; lost man hours, lost productivity due to presenteeism, sick leave and absenteeism. Therefore, it is in the workplace’s best interest to search for, and implement solutions. 75% of all disease is estimated to be stress related and while we cannot totally eliminate stress from our lives it is therefore vital that we are able to recognise the signs of stress in order to be able to get treatment and learn ways to resolve and / or manage the stress in our lives.

These days offer your employees an opportunity to get a taster treatment of their choice and to learn more about working holistically.

Whether you are having a day for your employees offsite or you want Christina to come to your facility she can offer a range of taster treatments for employees while you carry on with your agenda.

Contact Christina to discuss your specific requirements.

Corporate days out Corporate days out