Goddess Energy Workshop

Goddesses have been a source of fascination for thousands of years. Their ancient mythologies and legends are still relevant today, and by tapping into the power of the goddesses we can find strength and inspiration.

Goddess energy workshops are days to connect with, learn about and channel the beautiful Goddess energy. You will learn about the Goddesses through education, meditation, rituals, dance and oracle cards. These are beautiful days to harness the power of these ancient archetypes and connect with the Goddess within.

Goddess Energy Workshop Part 1: Earth & Creation

Goddess Energy Workshop Part 2: Sea & Sky

Goddess Energy Workshop Part 3: Sun & Moon

Goddess Energy Workshop Part 4: Fire & Ice

Goddess Energy Workshop Part 5: Underworld

“I have done all five workshops and I can truly say these are beautiful days of feminine energy, power and connection”. - Bernadette

Christina offers training days and workshops not only for therapists but also for anyone interested in the area of complementary therapies, healing and natural well-being. Workshops are attended by individuals but are also be organised separately for private OR corporate groups.

“I love what I do and delight in helping people to discover and follow their passion and help mentor them on their journey. I am delighted to assist with any questions you may have or discuss your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact me today” – Christina

Goddess Energy Workshop