Power Animal Workshop

Power Animals come into our lives for specific reasons.  When we are challenged, doubtful about our future, or experiencing lack of direction in our lives, a power animal is eager to support us with their specific medicine, be it protection, wisdom, guidance, healing or strength. This may be new to most people but the Native Peoples of many cultures are familiar with working with the animals and the incredible gifts and medicine they share with us. Unfortunately, more often than not their messages go unnoticed. In this workshop, you will learn about, connect with and channel the unique powers of our animal companions as spirit guides and allies.

“Lots of people talk to animals, not very many listen, that’s the problem” – Benjamin Hoff

“I just love the spirit animals. I have done this twice now and will definitely do it again. I get something different from it each time. Come prepared to meet your power animal”. “Fascinating”. - Gayle

Christina offers training days and workshops not only for therapists but also for anyone interested in the area of complementary therapies, healing and natural well-being. Workshops are attended by individuals but are also be organised separately for private OR corporate groups.

“I love what I do and delight in helping people to discover and follow their passion and help mentor them on their journey. I am delighted to assist with any questions you may have or discuss your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact me today” – Christina

Power Animal Workshop