Vision Board & Manifestation Workshop

Whether you know them as Vision Boards, Dream Boards, Mood Boards, Guidance Charts or Goal Boards, my Vision Board Workshop is designed to help you focus, channel and work towards actually manifesting YOUR goals. These can be both long and short term goals and can be for absolutely any area of your life. You can have one board or multiple boards for different projects or areas of your life.

This workshop is for EVERYONE. So, whether you have NEVER done a Vision Board Workshop before OR even more importantly if you have tried the “old teachings” of Vision Board Workshops and just never understood the “how” or “why” your goals are NOT manifesting, then this is the workshop for you.

With these teachings, you will be able to understand and correct the pitfalls that many people fall into, especially those that have been of the mentality and teachings of “The Secret” and other such old manifestation systems popular back in the day.

“This workshop is a must for everyone. Whether business or personal, I can now see why my dreams were not manifesting. Thank you Christina”. - Susan

Christina offers training days and workshops not only for therapists but also for anyone interested in the area of complementary therapies, healing and natural well-being. Workshops are attended by individuals but are also be organised separately for private OR corporate groups.

“I love what I do and delight in helping people to discover and follow their passion and help mentor them on their journey. I am delighted to assist with any questions you may have or discuss your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact me today” - Christina

Vision Board Workshop